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About Spiraling Upward


One of the great benefits of our service is often immediate relaxation and relief. Sound vibrations are never deleterious to the body as they do not break down or destroy tissue but, instead, set up a healthy resonance within the body like one tuning fork bringing another tuning fork into balance.


Mary Patterson, LMT, and Patricia Sage are holistic practitioners who work with people to reduce or eliminate their physical, emotional and mental pain. They use physical therapy, sound therapy, vibrational energy, personal transformation techniques and sacred geometry, all directed toward eliminating chronic physical and emotional pain.


Mary and Patricia bring a unique combination of skills and knowledge together, in that they have backgrounds and training in (1) the physical body with massage and myofascial expertise, (2) the emotional body through hundreds of hours of personal and interpersonal transformation training and (3) the energy body of meridians and acupressure points, kinesiology (Touch for Health), and sonar vibrations. They combine these to bring about pain and stress relief on all levels for integrated health, harmony and well being.


When one becomes free of pain, or when pain is reduced to a manageable level, then he or she can focus on living life productively and joyfully.  We have seen remarkable success with our clients, many who have told us that our work has transformed their lives. They feel more relief, balance, and harmony than they have in years.”


The work they do is outstandingly effective in bringing people into greater balance, relief, and stability.


Spiraling Upward, LLC




Mary Patterson  mary@spiralingupward.org


Patricia Sage     patricia@spiralingupward.org



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Spiraling Upward



The  Mission of Spiraling Upward is to empower people to live a balanced life by harmonizing body, mind and spirit.


Our Objective is to eliminate/relieve chronic pain and reduce or eliminate emotional and physical trauma through sound therapy, body work, vibrational energy work and instruction.


Although used extensively in Europe, acoustic healing devices are relatively new to the United States. Only a handful of medical and related practitioners are using the CYMA 1000 but the results have been impressive. We, at Spiraling Upward, are differentiated from other energy healer/practitioners because we are already incorporating various energy systems (Chinese elements, meridians, Reiki, tuning forks, etc.) with the CYMA sound vibration in our practice.